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Adeo Screen Adeo Screen Multiformat


Multiformat was especially created by Adeo for real connoisseurs of home cinema. This screen is distinguished by the presence of two independent projection surfaces (a top masking surface and a rear projection surface), attached to two rollers: by synchronising them the format of the projection area can be varied, to obtain an image which is always bordered with black edges, enhancing contrast. These are special, non-varnished anti-reflective black edges, with a width of 70 mm (while traditional edges are 30 or 50 mm wide).

It is important to note that the top surface is directly in contact with the rear surface, thanks to the vertical alignment of the rollers: this avoids the formation of shadows during projection. Planarity is ensured by the front drop of the surface, while the special anchoring to the roller eliminates any risks of horizontal crease marks. A perfect surface is possible at all times, thanks to a dedicated command that unrolls the canvas completely, to facilitate cleaning operations. The winding is through Nice Era Mat radio integrated motors with remote control included.

The case is white (RAL 9016), with brushed aluminium lateral ends, which completely mask the screws. The anchoring system is simple and super-quick, for easy installation.

There is a very ample variety of formats to choose from.

For projectors with a 4:3 matrix the following formats are available:

  • 1.33 NTSC PAL 4:3
  • 1.66 Wide European
  • 1.78 HDTV 16:9
  • 1.85 Wide
  • 2.35 Cinemascope 21:9
  • 2.40 Panavision

For projectors with a 16:9 matrix the following formats are available:

  • 1.78 HDTV 16:9
  • 1.85 Wide
  • 2.35 Cinemascope 21:9
  • 2.40 Panavision

Two more formats, with height lower than that of the starting format, can be added according to choice.


Create your own screen with PSS (Personal Screen System):

  • Personalized dimensions: width
  • Formats: 8 different configurations
  • Motor type: only radio integrated
  • Case: available only with case
  • Case color: standard in White Gloss. Optional in any other color for an extra cost
  • Standard Drop: from 10 to 40 cm
  • Projection surface fall: front only
  • Side of command/motor: right only
  • Projection surfaces: Reference White 2, Reference Grey 2, Ambient Grey 2, Vision White, Vision White Pro, Vision Acoustik
  • Aspect ratios: 4:3 - 16:10 - 16:9 - 1.85:1 - 21:9 - 2.40:1

Standard Accessories:

  • Kit with wall -or ceiling- quick mount brackets
  • Control unit ILT4 Somfy
  • Infrared receiver
  • 8 channel infrared transmitter

Opzional Accessories:


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Tel: +48 76 850 53 01
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