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Folder 261 - 530 cm.


For a perfectly smooth surface: The screen you can pack in a suitcase. An extremely light aluminium frame to which the canvas is attached by means of clip-on buttons: the projection surface obtained is perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free and flexible, ensuring clear images and brilliant colours. The screen is supported by a pair of robust and unobtrusive stands.

The versatile structure is this product’s strong point: Folder can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily with no additional tools. A few simple gestures and the screen can be packed and stored away in its robust case: adaptable to the various sizes, for practical and safe transportation.

Ideal for the liveliest applications, such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences and entertainment contexts in general.

Download the Folder Screen brochure by clicking here.
Download the Folder Screen installation manual by clicking here.

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